Thursday, November 17, 2005

Am vacating this house .....

I have decided to change addresses...again. I saw a house next door to Orlando Blooms and grabbed it.

My new address is/will be:

Come on over!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It's still cold and dreary. A depressing day made more so with depressing news. I was told that "P" has no job, can't pay his rent, and is using crack. I want to rush right over there and tell him to come home......but I won't. Been there. Done that. I have talked to a few of his siblings about an intervention and they are going to work out the details.

We had a little snow overnight, just enough to blow around. After such a beautiful extended fall this harsh, cold weather is hard to accept.

My cousin and her boyfriend have their final walk through for their new townhouse next week and closing is set for December 1st. I will be glad when they move out, not that they are any problem, just that they make themselves at home so well that at times I feel like a guest here. I find myself spending more and more time alone in my bedroom to give them privacy.

I was just thinking about Christmas decorating. The year went by so quickly! It seems like I just packed away all the boxes and now it's time to start pulling them out again. I also feel that pre-Christmas depression standing silent in the distance.

I have been thinking of going to therapy. I feel a need for some fresh perspective. I want to be happy. I have every reason in the world to be happy......but for some reason I won't let go of all this ....crap...and just let myself free. There is a guilt trap door that slams shut and keeps me locked inside. I can't be happy when "P" is on crack, or my partner is having marital problems or ...........

I can think of a thousand excuses, including I hate AOL.

New Room

It's a snowy, blustery day in the Twin Cities. A good day to stay inside and work on my new blog, figure out what the tabs up there are for, etc, but I have to go to the office.

I just felt like I had to put something in writing. My new place seems so...unfurnished.

I don't think AOL cares enough about us to stop using the banners. Their profit margin has always been more important then their so called customer service.

I'm sure that we'll eventually get used to the new neighborhood ...but....but....

damn Clinton!

(he is responsible for everything bad that happens right?)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Moving Day

Well that was an unexpected move!

Hopefully I will figure out how the heck to use this site.........

I have changed my address as well as my neighborhood.

It's now